From small mom & pops, to billion dollar businesses, the world's best specialty contractors use BasisBoard to power their preconstruction process .

Make the jump to an online bid board

Outdated estimating processes are impacting your company's hit ratio more than you realize.

Basis takes all the administrative work out of your hands, so your team can stop spending hours tracking deadlines, worrying about missing addendas, and focus on what they do best: winning more bids.
"Since implementing Basis to track our bids, the estimating group has been able to shift time from sorting emails to servicing customers. The Basis Team has created a wonderful tool that takes emails and transforms them in to opportunities."

Ian J. Cable, VP Sales

A & A Window Products, Inc.

Filter out Bid Invites that don't make sense

Going through hundreds of irrelevant bid invites is a time suck, which means less time spent estimating. With BasisBoard, simply connect your inbox and we'll only show you jobs that are meant for your business.

Qualified, organized

See only jobs that actually matter, instead of declining 90% of the work.

All your data in one place

Prevent multiple estimators working on the same job by putting  all of your bid invites in one centralized system.

Stay up to date

Never miss a bid with a board that updates every deadline automatically.

Manage relationships with Vendors and GC’s from the same platform.

Collaborate with Vendors and GCs all in one platform.

You and your team are constantly digging up 3 month old RFI responses, tracking and coordinating vendor quotes manually, and forgetting to follow up with your General Contractors for bid results.

With BasisBoard, every interaction between you and your Vendors or Generals are perfectly tracked on each job.

Analyze your estimating trends in a matter of seconds

Stop relying on gut-feel for understanding win-ratios. BasisBoard generates out-of-the-box graphs and reports that are ready to use on Day 1.

No complex excel formulas. No obscure calculations. Just clear insights that tell you and your team where and how to improve.

Meet the next generation of Subcontractors using BasisBoard

"Basis helped me save 3 hours of manual data-entry each day"
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Brad Babre, Roy T Goodwin Contractors

Vice President of Operations
“When I showed them how many hours I was spending just data entering and not estimating … clearly there was value.”
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Erich Ruhmann

Estimator at Negwer

See why leading subcontractors choose BasisBoard

"Before your service, I had to read every email. Now when I go through my inbox, I don't read them. I really don't. I just forward them to [basis board]. After 1 week, I'm very very very pleased at the number of emails I don't have to read."

Bill Beaman, Chief Estimator

American Demolition
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