Automate your bid board

Basis is a simple platform that intelligently sorts bid invites from your inbox and organizes them into a manageable and easy to use interface.

Used by specialty contractors everywhere

Online Bid Board

Take bid invites out of your inbox and spreadsheets, forever.

Still manually forwarding bid invites, RFIs, addendums, or using spreadsheets for your bid log? Simply connect and sync your inbox — let us handle the rest.

Keep your estimating team organized

Basis puts all your bids in one place, so communication is seamless and efficient—which means productive estimators. All your bids are effortlessly organized into a simple dashboard for your team.

Never miss a due date or forget to follow up

Basis creates an office wide calendar that tracks job walks, RFIs, and bid due dates. Get alerts and reminder notices for critical deadlines. Send a follow up at a later date to see where you stand.

Create proposal templates. Choose when to send

Use one of our pre-designed proposal templates, or upload your letterhead and we'll work with you to transfer your existing templates that you can send out via basis. Set a scheduled send so you can time exactly when you want your GCs to receive your bid.

Maximize relationships with general contractors

Spend more time strengthening relationships with general contractors, and less time digging through old emails to find contact information, or details of a job that ended months ago. Basis automatically  creates contact records and stores your entire history with each and every general contractor.

Get smart about your pre-construction process

Basis Board provides you with insights so that you can measure and improve your estimating process. Get analytics on which general contractors are actually awarding you the work, or which ones to avoid through reports.

Hear from our early customers

"The Basis team and product has greatly improved our internal office efficiencies. We’re seeing a huge time savings in processing and assessing bid requests. This software is much more than that though, it’s a cross between a CRM and a workflow tool for sub-contractors."

Dan Wies,VP, Wies Drywall

"Caldwell Electrical Contractors, Inc. is very excited with the bid board basis has built to track all our bid proposals. Their customer support and attention is unparalleled — we  look forward to a long business relationship with the team."

Don Caldwell,Chief Estimator, Caldwell Electric

"A common problem I hear from subs is how overwhelming it can be receiving so many invites from GCs who are all working on different platforms. Basis solves this by funneling all the invites and communications to one platform. Basis is going to be a game changer for subcontractors."

Drew Dana,Chief Estimator, Walsh Brothers

"I wish all of our subs used this service.  If you’re a sub and you’ve ever missed a bid deadline, job walk, or lost track of a bid opportunity, do yourself a favor and reach out to Basis today."

Tom Smulski,Chief Estimator, Dickinson Cameron

Start automating your bid board today